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What is Organic Tea? And Types of Organic Tea

by Mrs Pooja Sharma 31 May 2022
Types of Organic Tea

The saying goes- ‘Tea was created accidentally.’ Ever wondered how magical it will turn out to be? At least billions of people consume teas of million kinds. It has become like fuel that keeps us going as machines. The regular kind of tea contains milk, sugar, and tea leaves whereas the other ones differ in colors, ingredients, and temperature. We are aware of organic herbal teas with ayurvedic ingredients like roots and herbs.
However, the best and healthiest kind of tea is known to be green tea and various other herbal teas without milk and sugar. Adding of sweetening agent will slow down metabolism and disrupt the regular functioning of the body causing a lack of sleep, due to caffeine. To replace it, the best and healthiest option would be organic stevia leaves teabags. This will not only give a healthy twist to your body but also satisfy your taste buds with natural sweetening taste. 
Having tea at the right time depending on your diet will boost your immunity and detox your body eliminating harmful toxins and impurities. It also absorbs healthy nutrients and fibers in your body. It is strictly not advisable to have tea before bed as it contains caffeine and can disrupt your sleep pattern. There are many more flavors and types of organic tea which will come across. 

What is organic tea?

Organic tea is prepared most traditionally and is consumed with all raw ingredients. Organic tea is healthy and does not contain chemicals. It is cultivated, plucked, dried, and processed with the right ingredients without adding up any preservatives, chemicals, colors, flavors, and sweetening ingredients. Organic herbal teas is supposed to be the healthiest drink among regular beverages. 

The purpose of all types of organic tea is not limited to fulfilling your body right with this elixir. It is as easy to grow your own herbal tea at home as to buy organic herbal tea online

However, types of organic tea do contain caffeine, but at a lower rate depending on the flavors and ingredients. Apart from these properties, there are many benefits of organic tea which we can’t ignore.  

Tea contains antioxidants that will help eliminate harmful toxins in your body. It also rejuvenates skin cells and helps you overcome issues related to your immune system. With a few replacements and a few additions, we can always consume a healthy cup of tea everyday. 

Types of organic herbal tea

With many flavors, colors, ingredients, and medicinal properties, there are many types of organic tea to choose from. We can also use organic stevia leaves tea bags in our teacups to keep up with good health. It is important to choose the right flavor according to your requirement. Organic herbal tea is meant and known for detoxifying properties, managing mental health issues, and eradicating weak immunity. 

However, there are many types of organic tea with distinctive flavors and ingredients. We can even choose the desired flavor out of many flavors and buy organic herbal tea online. In general, there are seven types of organic tea available, namely; 

  1. Green tea
  2. Black tea
  3. White tea
  4. Oolong tea
  5. Rooibos tea or Red tea
  6. Pu-erh tea
  • Organic green tea:

  • Organic green tea is known to be the best and most loved organic herbal tea. The tea leaves are freshly plucked, dried, and consumed with boiling water. The processing does not take much time and does not require milk or sugar. Being the raw one among the types of organic tea, green tea is trustworthy for all ages. You can buy organic green herbal tea online from Herbal Magic. 


    • Green tea has detoxifying properties and helps in losing weight and extra fat. 
    • Green has antioxidants to fight your body more than any other type of tea.
    •  It slows down aging and boosts your immune system if consumed on an empty stomach.
    • It helps you in detoxifying harmful toxins present in your body and purifies your blood. Blood purification also results in healthy and clear-glowing skin. 

  • Organic black tea: 

  • Black tea is the most commonly consumed tea in the world. Unlike green tea, black tea is completely oxidized, fermented, and dried to take a sip of bliss in your cup with boiled water. Just to add flavor, you can squeeze a lemon as it will support the tea to boost your immune system. It has the strongest flavor and has more caffeine than other organic teas. 


    • Black tea controls blood pressure. 
    • It not only lowers blood pressure but also promotes healthy blood flow. 
    • It helps prevent dental cavities. 
    •  It should be consumed in the right way as it has caffeine more than regular tea.

  • Organic white tea:

  • White tea is the rarest and most expensive organic tea as it takes much time to harvest. The youngest leaves are handpicked with care and then dried up unfermented. 


    • A study shows that white tea fights heart diseases.
    • It also prevents the growth of bacteria that causes plaque in the buccal cavity.
    • It is rich in antioxidants, stops aging, and helps in building a strong memory.

  • Organic Oolong tea:

  • Among the types of organic tea, Oolong tea is mildly fermented, dried, and roasted to get the desired prepared organic tea unlike green, black, and white tea. It is mostly consumed in China. 


    • Consumption of Oolong tea 10 minutes before consuming carbs or having lunch, lowers the sugar level and hence, reduces the risk of diabetes.
    • It fights pimples and acne, for clear skin. It also prevents flu and allergy. 

  • Organic Rooibos (red tea):

  • Out of all the organic teas, Rooibos tea is the only one without caffeine. The way it's caffeine-free, is why it's the healthiest and rich in antioxidants. It is made up of a red-colored bush based out in South Africa, named Aspalathus Linearis


    • Rooibos tea is beneficial with the antioxidant, Aspalathin, we trust Rooibos with sugar and diabetes. 

  • Organic Pu-erh tea:

  • This is another kind of traditional tea well-known in China in Yunnan province. Everything that makes the tea so special is the process of preparation. The tea leaves are extracted from a particular plant known as ‘wild old tree’ found only in Yunnan, China. 

    The leaves are plucked and collected from the tree, they are fermented, dried, and preserved. 

    There are two different methods of preparing Pu-erh tea; one method is compressed aging and another one is fermentation. 

    The one with fermentation includes the tea leaves getting dried up in the sun to obtain separated raw tea leaves. The leaves are now ripened. These loose leaves are now compressed to obtain the shape of a cake. They are mostly sold in the shape of a cake. It is also possible to get Pu-erh tea in the most simple form like every tea leaf on the market but their shape and methods of preparation are all that make it very different from others.  

    The second method includes aging and preservation. We all know that food or objects of any kind becomes worthy and more attractive when they are available in the rawest and most preserved form. In this method of preparation, the loose raw tea after getting dried up is preserved for years for aging. The taste of the aged tea smells heavenly and is beneficial in many ways for our bodies. 


    Since Pu-erh tea is fermented, it comes with many bodily health benefits.

    • This helps to maintain sugar levels in our blood.
    • It helps in controlling weight

    Why should we choose organic tea?

    • Health benefits:

    We have innumerable health benefits if we consume organic tea.

    • Good for the environment/biodiversity:

    The more we consume organic tea, the fewer pesticides we will consume as the consumer and trees will get less affected as we will not be dependent on fertilizers and pesticides.  

    • Safer and easy for farmers to cultivate: 

    The long procedures which include processing, preserving, and adding preservatives will get lessened if we go for organic tea. It will be very easy for farmers to put less effort and make a good amount of profit. 

    How we choose the types of organic tea is totally dependent on us but there’s more to it. We should also put our health forward in order to put all the right things into the place. However, organic tea is mostly consumed with warm water and lemon. We should hardly use sugar and milk. The rising trend of consumption of organic tea is soaring heights along with the health requirements. With time, we evolve and we bring out a change in our lives. Organic teas are healthy and can be easily consumed by children, depending on the caffeine level.  You can check out a collection of healthiest organic teas on ItsHerbalMagic’s website. 

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