About Us

Quality Care for Your Skin, Hair and Body from Our Family to Yours

Since 2010, Herbal Magic has been on a mission to make premium, natural, plant-based hair, skin and body care accessible and affordable for you and your family. After all, we’re a family too. And when one of our family members suffered a terrible reaction after using one of those chemical-laden hair dyes that are so widely available, we knew that something had to change.

From that time on, we’ve never looked back and have been working hard to bring you the world's best natural and organic products from our own farms and reputed organic-certified manufactures.  At Herbal Magic, we believe that you have the right to feel good about the products you use to care for your skin, hair and body. And that’s exactly what you get with our products.

From our family to yours,

Mrs Pooja Sharma