Charitable Projects

         At Herbal Magic we feel a deep rooted desire to serve humanity in the most bright and beneficial way. We understand that our mission has not only been to bring some magical therapeutic powders to the nation, it's also to integrate our purpose and passion to the pot and to give part of our profits to charities that are close to our heart. We hope this resonates with you as much as it does with us.

        We are so grateful for the amazing support of every customer, company & client and hope our magical mission will bring reassurance and some light to the darkness of those in need. Enhancing the magic of to make the world a better place, we can rest assured that we're doing the best we can do for now. Having your amazing sparkly support means so much as we feel that we can do so much together and spread to all areas of the globe, like a butterfly bringing hope and harmony to those less fortunate.

Here's a peak of what our intentions are:

         We usually donate 5% of the profits to multiple charities including Marie Curie/IRRS/Ecologi, however, we are now planning to up our game and increase this to 10%. This will go towards some wonderful projects such as providing subsidised/free meals to the poor. Many of us take for granted that we can eat heartily every day and don't always appreciate this regular luxury. We see it as granting wishes for nourishing dishes so the less fortunate can flourish and feel good.

          Our profits will also go towards all these other charities that are offering such heartfelt and extraordinarily support.


IRFF (International Friendship Foundation) - - We are currently providing 1000 meals per month to Destiny School in Uganda. Our mission is to double this figure as soon as we can.  

Destiny Junior School -

Their mission is to:

  • Relieve poverty and suffering in developing countries such as Ghana, South Africa and Uganda
  • Provide financial support for ongoing programmes run by teams in the countries where IRFF chooses to work
  • Provide financial support for starting up new initiatives, aiding the teams working in the field to achieve self-sufficiency
  • Teach management skills, which a team can use locally to communicate better and to improve their ability to become self-sufficient
  • Donations will also go towards food, soap, sanitizers, utilities, teachers' salaries, transport & rent, Secretary, cooks and cleaners' wages, medical bills, firewood etc. 



Skanda Vale Hospice -

They offer help and support with:

  • Amazing highly individualised care to families affected by life-limiting illness, completely free of charge
  • Day Hospice once a week
  • A companion service that can be accessed from home
  • In-patient respite service; 24 hour respite care for one week per month 



Marie Curie -

They offer help and support with: 

  • Care and support at the of end of life 
  • Caring for someone with a terminal illness
  • Benefits and finances
  • Bereavement support service



Ecologi - (recently started)

They offer help and support with:

  • Bringing the best in climate action, trust and service 
  • Inspiring all SME's to start their own climate action journey
  • Giving the right tools, information and advice for each stage of net-zero etc.


Cattle Protection India 

They offer help and support with: 

  • Saving cattle from slaughterhouses 
  • Sustainability of cattle
  • Protects native and indigenous breeds
  • Prevents mistreatment and negligence of castles


These remarkable charities warm our hearts which spreads a lovely fuzzy feeling from the top of our heads to the tips of our toes. We hope you agree that they are awesome and deserve so much help and support.