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Benefits of organic neem powder for Hair & Skin!

by Mrs Pooja Sharma

We have always been told to eat our greens since our childhood. Turns out that greens are not just beneficial for our tummy but our skin and hair as well. These greens can be consumed raw or in the form of superfood powders. Organic green superfood powders like spirulina powder, moringa powder, etc., are highly beneficial for our bodies. The same consumable benefits can be privileged by using various organic face products or organic hair care products. There are only a few ingredients, trees, and plants that benefit your body in all possible ways. Neem is one of them. Every part of the tree has medicinal properties or benefits that bring out a change in every sphere. The neem barks, the flowers, the fruits and seeds, the leaves, the twigs, and the gum, are used for numerous remedies of all internal and external kinds. There’s more to this extraordinary tree, let’s not keep any page unturned and cover the benefits of neem powder for hair and skin.         

Organic neem powder 

organic neem powder is not bounded by limited properties. It can be consumed and used as face masks, hair shampoos, or even as a topical applicator cream. Herbal Magic’s organic neem powder does not just let you consume it as an organic green superfood powder but as a natural skin care product and natural hair care product. With all the ayurvedic, natural, and medicinal properties of neem, organic neem powder has come to light to help you get rid of all your dermatological issues. 

Benefits of organic neem powder for Hair

Being used since ancient times, neem is a highly trusted and effective remedy for hair. Our hair from the tips to roots and the scalp are not as easy as they look. With age, genetics, and external factors, we can be diagnosed with any disorder with hair. Hair loss is considered the beginning of hair care regimens. Then comes rashes, blocked hair follicles, baldness, eczema, and many more similar issues and concerns in your hair, and scalp. Organic neem powder for your hair will help you overcome such issues if you have any. Other than such issues, neem helps your hair be healthy and keeps up with the quality if used regularly. Let us take a tour of the various benefits and advantages of organic neem powder for hair out of many. 

  • Promotes hair growth

  • Neem strengthens the hair follicles restricting hair fall and promoting more and more hair growth. While it does its work, it also keeps up with your hair making it look thicker and stronger. There are always risks of hair fall, damaged hair, and rough hair when you grow your hair long. Organic neem powder will also restrict hair breakage and dandruff, keeping your hair healthy. It also helps you maintain the volume and length of your strong hair. 

  • Naturally conditions your hair 

  • Neem not only helps in washing your hair while removing all the impurities but also conditions them. Hair conditioning is as important as washing your hair. It reduces split ends, prevents damaged hair, and eradicates roughness and frizziness. At this point, if you are using a pair of shampoo and conditioners with different ingredients, it will affect your hair. Follow and use organic natural hair products of the same kind, if not, use Herbal Magic’s organic neem powder which not only acts as a hair mask but also conditions your hair deeply. 

  • No more itchy scalp

  • Itchy scalp is a result of dry scalp, especially during winters. We usually skip the ‘hair-wash’ days due to our busy schedules. Use hair oil that is natural and has neem as an active ingredient for better nourishment and itchy scalp Massaging your hair with neem oil will stimulate your hair follicles and roots, promoting hair growth and less hair fall. Use organic neem powder on your hair or choose more such natural hair care products at Herbal Magic to get rid of an itchy scalp. 

  • Strengthens hair

  • Organic neem powder strengthens your hair roots and gets a hold of your scalp. It is multi-purpose and multi-beneficial, which not only strengthens your hair deeply but also prevents it from getting dull and weak. There are high chances of having weaker hair follicles after a hair wash. You can use various products on your hair like serums, hair oils, hair creams, and hair cleansers; but make sure that they are all organic natural hair products. It is also recommended to follow a hair care routine depending on your hair type. Herbal Magic’s organic neem powder will be your best remedy for hair strengthening. You can also mix Indigo powder and Shikakai powder for better results.   

    Benefits of organic neem powder for skin

    We cannot tolerate a single scar on our face, can we? Whether it’s a pimple, dark spot, or hyperpigmentation; we love our skin. It better be spotless and clear. Some people are gifted with natural glowing and clear skin. Some got issues and irritations on the skin which are considered critical. For such issues, organic face products like face cleansers, scrubbers, face creams, etc., should be go-to products. Make a habit of following a skin care regimen with all organic and natural ingredients. This will keep your skin hydrated, clear, and healthy. Herbal Magic’s organic and natural skin care products are certified organic skin care products and are 100% natural and vegan. You might want to know more about this marvelous neem and its super-benefits for the skin. Let’s start with..  

  • Prevents skin inflammation

  • From the very beginning, neem was known for its medicinal and anti-bacterial properties. People in ancient times used to rely on raw neem leaves and turmeric to get rid of infectious diseases like measles, chicken pox, smallpox, allergies, etc. For skin inflammation or allergies, applying a face pack is the best remedy. Organic skin care products from Herbal Magic like organic neem powder, lotus powder, amla powder, etc., are some of the best options to get rid of skin inflammation. Mix organic neem powder in a bowl with warm water, mix it well and form a thick paste. Apply evenly on your face and wash it after 30 minutes. Repeat the same twice a week for better results and a soothing effect.   

  • Fights acne and pimples 

  • Neem is known to fight pimples and acne! It’s not just proven but also has medicinal properties that are been working for a long time. It has anti-bacterial properties which stop the formation of pimples and fights pimple-causing bacterias. Natural skin care products like neem face cleansers, face scrubbers, neem face serums, etc., will be very helpful for your skin. Applying face masks regularly will also lighten and remove dark spots caused by pimple breakouts.    

  • Cleanses skin deeply 

  • Organic neem powder cleanses your skin deeply by clearing out impurities, bacteria, dirt and excess oil from the pores, leaving gentle clear skin. It also exfoliates your skin deeply reducing blemishes, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. Just apply a neem powder face pack on your face regularly for better and visible results. You will also feel refreshed on a hot day or after a heavy workout session if you use a neem face pack. Neem powder also has anti-aging properties that will help you get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. But make sure you use and apply it every day without using any other products with chemicals and are not organic face products.     

  • Lightens skin tone

  • Organic neem powder upon regular application lightens skin tone, brightens it, and eradicates hyperpigmentation. It is beneficial for all skin types but if you have oily skin, it will also help you with a reduced and minimalized oil secretion on your skin surface. Make sure you also follow certain remedies along with just using neem powder like following a healthy diet, moisturizing your skin, using cold water more than warm water, and keeping yourself hydrated till you are satisfied with the quality of your skin.  


    Natural hair care products like shampoos and hair creams contain neem that claims to help with skin and healthy hair. Most of them might not be natural or effective. Shampoos contain parabens and chemicals which can harm your hair on many levels. The same goes for natural skin care products. Some chemicals present in face care products can harm the upper layer of your skin causing roughness. Thus, check the ingredients of a product before buying it, understand your skin, also, switch to Herbal Magic’s organic neem powder for better results. 

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