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List of Top 7 Herbal Teas and Their Medicinal Uses!

by Mrs Pooja Sharma 22 Aug 2022
List of Top 7 Herbal Teas and Their Medicinal Uses!

Tea is loved by many because of the aroma and taste that includes milk and sugar. But there’s a difference when it comes to organic herbal tea. They are present in their most natural and rawest form, rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Just pouring hot water into a cup with organic herbal tea bags will give you a perfect drink full of health and immunity. Many studies have proven organic herbal teas are healthier than the regular milk teas. People who have known the fact are switching to organic herbal teas for which there is a rapid increase in the organic tea industry. It is easy to grow organic tea of your own, plus, you can also buy organic herbal tea online for an ideal habit and a healthy lifestyle. There are numerous health benefits and medicinal uses of herbal teas. It takes time to pick your favorite among the widely available range of organic herbal teas but you can stick to one or keep switching to one another according to your bodily requirements. 

Organic herbal teas are not meant to be replaced as a medicine or a supplement but as a remedy for your various existing health issues. For different issues, you can rely on different teas, for example, if you have a cold you can have tulsi and ginger tea, if you have got digestive issues, you can have organic ashwagandha tea. Similarly, if you want a detox, you can have organic herbal green tea. There are many dietary benefits and medicinal uses of organic herbal teas. Let us have a look at the top best herbal teas and their medicinal uses. You can pay a visit on Herbal Magic’s website to get more of such collections of herbal teas.        

Herbal tea and its benefits

The reason why we call herbal tea ‘organic’ is that we use various herbs and leaves from the plants in their rawest, dehydrated form. Organic herbal teas are also not processed or added colors, flavors, or additives to make them look more ornamental or attractive. However, organic products including organic herbal teas cost more than regular tea. Organic tea brands are not just promising us with multiple health benefits but also make their products go through a short but lengthy process to get them packed. 

Herbal tea is high in antioxidants which not only help us with our basic bodily needs but also helps to ease out pain, anxiety, stress, lowering sugar levels, and many more. Every herbal tea has a few common features and medicinal uses that help you with its benefits. The differences lie in every kind of ingredient in various herbal teas with their respective ingredients. Let us have a look on it!   

Top 7 herbal tea and their medicinal uses

Whenever we pick up or buy organic herbal tea online, we take our best time to do a few research or pick the most popular ones available. It also shows that there is a wide variety of organic herbal teas that are more popular than regular herbal teas. For a better understanding of the similar kind of teas, we need to go deeper to explore the top herbal teas along with their medicinal uses and benefits. You can visit Herbal Magic to explore a new world of herbal tea, organic hair products, organic face products, organic green superfood powder, etc. But now, let us understand the importance, benefits, and medicinal uses of organic herbal tea.  

  1. Tulsi herbal tea

Tulsi herbal tea is high in antioxidants which helps in eliminating free radicals from oxidative stress, and improvises the body’s immunity system. The Tulsi plant is not only considered holy but has various medicinal properties. Tulsi herbal tea is the best-known adaptogen that provides you with numerous health benefits. If you consider tulsi outside the herbal tea family, it is highly beneficial for your face and hair as well. 

Medicinal properties of tulsi herbal tea: 

  • It helps with your body’s overall well-being.
  • It helps strengthen your immunity system.
  • It helps with detoxification by removing harmful toxins present in your body.
  • It helps with digestion and promotes healthy functioning of the eliminatory canal. 
  • It is high in antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory in nature. So if you are struggling with infections or diseases, tulsi herbal tea will help you pump up immunity and strength to fight diseases.  
  • It helps you with hot flashes and aftermath of menopausal symptoms. 
  • Improves stamina and body endurance.

2.  Lemongrass Herbal Tea:

Lemongrass is used to ease pain, cold, and fever. Lemongrass herbal tea on the other hand is used for the same causes and health conditions by a huge population. Consumption of lemongrass herbal tea will help your body regain strength, help in digestion, prevent infection, and many more. It is considered healthy and anti-inflammatory and is used as an mandatory food ingredient in savory dishes. Most importantly, it is consumed as herbal tea. Moreover, it has many medicinal properties. The lemongrass stalk is consumed or mostly used for food garnishing or cooking. Especially in lemongrass herbal tea, the stalk is used to prepare tea when all of its essence and flavor are extracted.  

Medicinal properties of lemongrass herbal tea: 

  • It helps with anxiety both from its fragrance and if consumed as a tea.
  • It helps with infection, inflammation, and weakness. 
  • Consumption of lemongrass tea improves oral hygiene by getting rid of bad breathing and getting rid of bacteria that cause cavities and bad breath. 
  • It helps in boosting red blood cell levels in your body. 
  • Lemongrass tea is antioxidant and antimicrobial. 
  • It promotes healthy digestion. 
  • It helps in relieving menstrual cramps.
  • It helps in losing weight.  

 3. Hibiscus herbal tea

Hibiscus herbal tea is derived from the dried petals of the hibiscus flower. The Hibiscus plant itself is infused with qualities that not only benefit your body but also your hair. Although hibiscus is high in antioxidants. It has Anthocyanin which is an antioxidant present in most of the healthiest and nutritious fruits and berries. It helps with reducing blood pressure and has various medicinal properties we’ll have a look on, 

Medicinal properties of hibiscus herbal tea: 

  • It helps in losing weight.
  • The presence of Vitamins B and C keeps you strong and helps in preventing cholesterol, allergic reactions, and infections. 
  • It helps in maintaining good heart health.  

4. Rooibos herbal tea

Rooibos tea is a combination of essential enzymes, chemical compounds, and antioxidants that helps in purifying your blood streams and resulting in a glowing face with healthy digestion. It is also known as ‘red tea’. Rooibos or red tea is derived from the Aspalathus Linearis plant which changes its color from green to red after getting fermented.  

Medicinal properties of Rooibos herbal tea: 

  • Rooibos herbal tea is highly beneficial for body detox. 
  • It has various benefits which helps with clear and spotless skin. Consuming rooibos tea every day will clear up your skin, and give you a youthful look. 
  • It causes a relaxing and pain relieving effect in your body.  
  • It also helps you with recurring digestive problems.     

5. Blue pea flower herbal tea

It has been the most popular herbal tea in recent times and is otherwise known as the ‘butterfly pea flower’. It is high in antioxidants and can be consumed with a little bit of lemon juice. It naturally appears in a clear bright blue color which then changes into a light violet color if you add lemon juice. It is recommended to add lemon juice for better taste and its boosting ability to help you with fighting diseases, beautifying your skin, improving eyesight, etc. The blue pea flower herbal tea is mostly available with hydrated or dried flower petals loosely or in organic herbal tea bags. You can also explore a wide range of organic green superfood powder from Herbal Magic which is also highly beneficial for your health or buy organic herbal tea online.

Medicinal properties of hibiscus herbal tea: 

  • It helps in improvising blood circulation throughout the body. 
  • The blue pea flower boosts your brain’s health.
  • It helps in improvising eyesight.
  • It helps in improvising reproductive health.
  • It helps you to get rid of indigestion. 
  • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps you with respiratory illness.   

6. Ginger herbal tea

We have been very familiar with this amazing kitchen ingredient which is used in many dishes and savory dishes. This modified root brings out flavor, aroma, and taste in your dishes. Ginger is also used as a garnishing ingredient and used in detox juices or drinks. With the highest amount of medicinal properties, ginger herbal tea becomes your easy catch for a healthy life or even a beginning! You can pick ginger organic herbal tea bags for health and more. Ginger tea helps with infections, cold, flu, headaches and indigestion. For an aromatic cup of health, do not miss out on ginger herbal tea.   

Medicinal properties of ginger herbal tea: 

  • Be it dried ginger, grated ginger, or freshly crushed ginger, ginger herbal tea is beneficial in either way which promotes digestion without any discomfort.  
  • You can also buy organic herbal tea bags available in the market as their anti-inflammatory nature will help you ease the risk of hypertension. 
  • It helps in limiting blood pressure. 
  • It helps in losing weight. 
  • It helps with migraines and headaches. It brings out a soothing effect on your mind and body. Remember the doctor always recommends ginger tea if you are experiencing a headache?!
  • It's the best replacement for detox teas, it is high in antioxidants and will work like wonder if consumed with lemon juice to enhance the taste and health constituents. 

7. Earl grey herbal tea

The strong and best flavor of Earl Grey herbal tea comes from natural Bergamot oil which is a blend of black tea. It has very little caffeine, rich in amino acids and polyphenols, and has various health benefits. Earl grey tea has a slight twist of citrus flavor which helps in increasing metabolism and losing weight. However, earl grey herbal tea is more expensive than other herbal teas but it’s worth choosing it look at the extraordinary health benefits. You can add a little more lemon juice to add a twist to the taste and make it more flavorful. 

Medicinal properties of Earl Grey herbal tea: 

  • Earl Grey herbal tea boosts energy and makes you ready for the day.
  • The presence of aromatic bergamot oil helps you boost your mood and fight depression and anxiety.
  • It boosts metabolism due to the presence of amino acids and antioxidants which also helps in healthy digestion and weight loss. 
  • Earl grey tea makes the best detox tea. 
  • It helps in improving heart health which avoids cardiovascular diseases. The antioxidants present in earl grey tea helps removing plaque from the blood vessels. 
  • It helps in preventing oxidative stress and eliminating free radicals.    

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