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Best Organic Hair Conditioner Products

by Mrs Pooja Sharma

It is quite impossible to take care of your hair with the right ingredients. It is easy to wash and massage your hair regularly. We are not aware of the differences it brings out. The type of hair, the thickness, the products you use, and the ingredients, are important to consider with what suits your hair. Some products are chemical-based and they might not suit your hair type, whereas, organic hair products treat your hair with all the goodness of fruits and herbs. Whether it's the oil you apply or the shampoo to wash your hair; you should definitely use organic hair products

We usually skip the hair conditioning part, which is one important step if you are conscious about hair care. Hair conditioning is not limited to washing your hair with shampoo and then applying conditioner. Organic hair conditioners such as natural Reetha powder, Katha powder, Henna powder, organic Amla, and Shikakai powder, and natural products by Herbal Magic are beneficial for your hair acting as an organic hair conditioner

Ayurveda has produced thousands of natural remedies for all kinds of treatments, solutions, medicinal food, and everything! Now we are at a happy timeline in this world where many solutions have come out, experiments have been done and everything has been proven to choose products with natural ingredients providing positive results. Herbal Magic’s organic hair products have the same positive effect on your hair. 

Organic hair conditioning is possible with Herbal Magic’s natural Reetha powder, Katha powder, Amla powder, and Shikakai powder. We have been trusting and using shampoos and conditioners made of chemicals. It’s time to look for something new and organic by Herbal Magic’s organic hair products. These products are natural, powdered washables and are organic hair conditioners. They differ in properties but they provide you with the best results. Let us know more about the benefits of these organic hair care products and ingredients. 

Best Organic Hair Conditioner Products:

Natural Reetha powder

Reetha or soapnuts are the best ingredients for your hair if you are looking for long, thick, and bouncy hair. Natural Reetha powder, on the other hand, moisturizes hair and gives it a natural frizz-free shine. It can also be used for split ends. Natural Reetha powder releases foam while you wash your hair, hence removing excess oil and dirt from your hair and scalp. Reetha helps in removing lice. 

Katha powder

Katha as an ingredient is beneficial for your health and hair. Katha in powdered form is the best elixir for your hair. Katha powder increases hair thickness and hair strength. It not only treats your hair with a damage-free lasting impression but the effects last longer. It acts as the best organic hair conditioner after hair wash and hair coloring. 

Katha powder is not only used as a shampoo to wash your hair but also as a hair conditioning ingredient after you wash your hair. You can use it individually after a wash or you can mix it with Henna powder, Reetha Powder, or Shikakai powder to make a perfect blend. To color your hair with natural dye, using Katha powder is a must. Katha powder not only acts as a shampoo but a natural conditioner if you use it after you dye your hair. It keeps the natural dye intact without making your hair feel frizzy or rough. 

Amla Powder

Amla as sour fruit is not only consumed for issues related to stomach, digestion, and immunity but is also used as an important ingredient for hair for its multiple benefits. Organic amla powder by Herbal Magic has a high amount of antioxidants that help in hair growth, stimulate the scalp and prevent baldness, and keep the scalp warm and relaxed. Amla is aromatic in nature which soothes our scalp and gives a natural smell to our hair. Amla powder is an organic hair conditioner that works as a multipurpose organic hair product

Amla powder repairs the damaged hair caused by pollution, dust, and lack of nutrients. Amla acts as the best transporter of iron, antioxidants, and Vitamin C. It also prevents premature greying of hair. Amla as an ingredient is recommended as an oil, powdered form, and in fact, as a shampoo and conditioner for hair.   

Shikakai powder

Shikakai, being the best-known ingredient for hair, works best for controlling dandruff and hair fall. It is known as the ‘fruit of the hair’. Shikakai, as a whole individual ingredient, can be used along with warm amla hair oil. Natural Shikakai powder can be used to wash your hair without losing its shine, originality, and natural oils. For best results, Shikakai along with Amla powder, Reetha powder, and Katha powder is recommended to treat your hair. These ingredients do magic to your hair providing with best results and nutrients. If you are using Henna powder along with the mentioned ingredients to dye your hair naturally, they will add to your hair with nutrients without eliminating the color. 

Shikakai powder treats dry scalp, cleanses your hair from root to tip, promotes hair growth, and results in silky-smooth hair after use. The vitamins, saponins, and antioxidants present in Shikakai make your hair look shiny and frizz-free. It prevents hair loss and greying. All these qualities make Shikakai powder an organic hair conditioner. It is also recommended to use Shikakai powder on a regular basis to treat your hair follicles to keep them healthy forever. The more the number of usages, the more hair growth and positive results you will observe. 

Shikakai powder by Herbal Magic is all-natural and organic, safest for you to use. It is advised to do a sensitivity test before you start using the products. These products are chemical-free, organic, and vegan. The crops that are grown to give you the best formula, are devoid of chemicals and pesticides for better results.


No wonder, our hair is damaged in various ways. Be it dirt, pollution, the quality of water you use to wash your hair, nutrient deficiency, use of chemical-based shampoos, lack of blood circulation, etc. We skip combing our hair and massaging hair oil on a regular basis, these are the key roles that we should not ignore. We do not understand how important such small acts can be. Combing promotes blood circulation in our scalp and detangles hair which stops unnecessary hair fall. 

Each and every part of our body needs nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to sustain life while staying healthy. Even the tiny part of our body like hair tips and hair follicles needs specific nutrients to grow and breathe healthily. The transportation of nutrients is possible through our hair washing and massaging procedures. But do we need to apply any product at any time? Do we need to change it frequently? Well, no. The more we switch the products, the more we are close to losing the quality of our hair. Our body takes time to get used to a particular product or an ingredient. To avoid allergies and reverse actions of the products, it is important to test the product once you start using it. If not, understand your hair type and find a suitable product with the ingredients that suit you. Try various organic products from Herbal Magic to give your hair the best treatment.  

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