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How to be Red Carpet Ready Instantly for Your Next Party

by Mrs Pooja Sharma

Be Red Carpet Ready Instantly for Your Next Party!

Someone is planning a June wedding, a baby shower, a bachelorette party, a spring getaway or a massive ball this fall. Maybe that someone has already invited you. Perhaps you’ll attend more of these events than you can predict at this point. Well, you needn’t fret.

Getting ready for these parties and occasions doesn’t have to trigger migraines or cause unnecessary jitters. It’s all about planning right and using the right products. 

Different kinds of events require different attires, make-up looks or you can totally rock the bare face with a natural glow (you go Queen 👸 ) if you’d like. However, how you decide to present yourself can be a hassle-free process when you think beyond the attire and the make-up.

Now you can plan your big day with completely natural and organic products that will help you amp up your instant-ready game


Henna Cones: 

So, first up we have organic henna cones. Henna has its origins in Asia but it is soon gaining popularity in the west. This is the best way to celebrate at any party that calls for a night of bonding and pampering and henna tattoos.

The Vampire Diaries actress, Candice King (also known as Caroline Forbes on the show) was recently seen rocking her baby bump with an absolutely gorgeous henna design.

It won’t be a stretch to say that the Vampire Diaries fandom is in absolute awe of the baby bump and are now ready to hop on the trend. 

Image source:

via Instagram

Get the organic henna cone now and get twinning tattoos like Candice King!


Intricate and flamboyant designs or dainty and minimal tattoos can all be taken care of by these henna cones.

When the wedding season is right around the corner, the ultimate natural henna cones are here for you. It does the job of a  temporary tattoo but does not demand nearly the same amount of hassle or maintenance.

Many keep asking: Are henna cones safe? Well, the above picture is evidence that natural cones are incredibly safe and the colour *chef’s kiss*. The henna paste is smooth and smells great.

The organic henna is clinically tested for your safety, avoids animal byproducts, is gentle on the skin, and contains no PPD, ammonia, harmful chemicals or additives. 


heena cones


3 X Black Henna Cone Body Art Temporary Tatto    

For a long night of fun with your friends, get design cutouts and use them as stencils on the skin.

Use the henna directly on the skin to fill in the stencil designs.It has to dry for a couple of hours to the least (2 to 6 hours preferably) before peeling off the henna paste.

You can also resort to wrapping the tattooed area you can continue to have fun without too much hassle.

For optimum results, apply coconut oil right after you peel the paste off to moisturise the area.Apply and leave it overnight and the results will leave you in awe.

All you need to do now is doodle some designs while you wait for your henna cones to arrive! This will make your next hen party so much more fun!


Planning the hair is an integral part of the getting-ready process as it is the crowning glory of a women’s attire.

Usually, you’d work with a hairstylist to map out your hair care plan or begin weekly uses at home for a few months before your big party or event, like your favourite conditioner mixed with some avocado.

The use of avocado makes hair silky and for an extra-glossy look, there are shampoos and conditioners infused with olive oil that helps fight frizz.

However, using a gazillion products is neither feasible nor sustainable. With the time constraints, it would be high-key counterproductive. It's time for an intervention and we will figure this out, together! So which haircare is the best? It certainly isn’t the one that uses chemicals. The ultimate hair care needs to be genuinely natural and 100% organic.


its herbal magic haircare


The Katha herbal powder might just be it. Historically, katha powder has been used in hair care remedies to increase volume, boost shine and enhance the colour of the hair.

This organic powder leaves a lasting impression and doesn’t require additional aftercare. For silky smooth and naturally healthy hair that is faster to achieve than ever before, choose the herbal Katha powder


Organic Henna Powder & Katha Powder Hair Conditioner Enhances Volume Shine Gloss


Organic Henna Powder & Katha Powder Hair Conditioner Enhances Volume Shine Gloss




Another known blessing for the hair is the herbal shikakai powder. Any shikakai shampoo, conditioner or powder is extremely beneficial.

The powder helps nourish hair follicles, ease any dandruff issues, and locks moisture. Buying shikakai powder will prove to be a great investment this party season when wouldn’t need to disrupt your work-life balance to get the perfect hair for your special events.

Shikakai and Katha are phenomenal natural shampoo, conditioner and hair mask ingredients. They help improve moisture-retaining capacity, prevents premature greying in the long term but allows a gorgeous shine and volume immediately.

Get the safe, natural and herbal solution to party-ready hair right away. These are feasible and sustainable for haircare!



Maintaining a grandiose skincare routine requires hours per day, eating healthy, the right products, and beauty sleep. But most of this requires serious contemplation over potential execution if you’re on a time crunch.

And let’s face it, we barely have the time to plan all of these events in advance. Moreover, trying to do it all (cleansing, moisturizing, making it glow, etc.)

requires various products which will lead to inflammation and torture your skin in the long run.

Yellow Sandalwood Face Pack Cures Wrinkle Sun Tan Darkspots Acne blackheads for skin care


Simultaneously, usage of multiple skincare products all at once, is a massive no-no, says Dr Julia Tzu, a dermatologist from New York City.

Chemical products can be harsh on the skin, resulting in more breakouts and clogged pores. Well, we have something that’ll change your skincare game. Switching to organic, natural or herbal products is the way to go forward.

Many dermatologists and skincare specialists have been urging people to switch to chemical-free skincare products but now is the time to pay heed to these suggestions. 

heena harbel skin care

Yellow Sandalwood Face Pack Cures Wrinkle Sun Tan Darkspots Acne blackheads


is tricky to get right. You might ask yourself: what skincare products do I need? Well, to begin with, Yellow Sandalwood Face Pack has been a promising organic product in the skincare industry

Sandalwood is a phenomenal beauty ingredient that is natural, reliable, and effective. It is usually available as a brownish-beige powder obtained from the fragrant wood of the Genus Santalum tree.

Sandalwood essential oil is also good for various skin ailments. Sandalwood has a wide range of medicinal properties and therefore, it is often used as a home remedy for many skin conditions.

The benefits of switching to this sandalwood face pack are manifold. Rids you of the stubborn summer tan, has anti-inflammatory properties, makes the skin smooth, removes blackheads and the list goes on. The face pack will help make your skin radiant and then you will definitely be party-ready. 


Lastly, there is the Lemon Peel Powder. Lemon, which is also referred to as nimbu has been used for skincare purposes for an eternity now.

Lemon peel, however, is not as common. It is a great exfoliator, helps cleanse your skin and gets rid of dust and dirt on your skin.

Lemon peel is one of the most effective ingredients which help to remove acne and pimples on the face. 

Most importantly, lemon peel provides natural hydration for your skin thus keeping your skin soft, supple and hydrated all the time. Make a lemon peel powder paste and apply it on your face regularly to keep your skin soft, supple and hydrated throughout the day.

Grab the lemon peel powder or sandalwood face mask today and you’re set to be the ultimate ‘She’s beauty, she’s grace and she has the world to face” Queen. 

Lemon peel Powders


Natural Face Packs Lemon Peel Powders



Now you can effortlessly summon up the glam look this party season with the best and most effective henna cones, hair and skincare products.

This is the Gen-Z era and the time crunch goes without saying. In such a fast-paced world, keeping up may prove difficult and have you turn into a ball of nerves. A party today is not just an event but an opportunity to shine.

When there are eyes on you, shoulders squared and confidence with a hint of natural glow can be a game-changer. Products that have proven immediate effects for skin and hair and a show stopper at a party being henna cones, you don’t need to look elsewhere.

We use ingredients straight from the natural treasure that mother earth secures. It eliminates the risk of any negative effects whatsoever. So, what are you waiting for? Get your party-ready kit now!


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