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7 Amazing Skin Benefits of Activated Charcoal

by Mrs Pooja Sharma

Charcoal is a natural residue of carbon formed from burnt living materials like trees and animals. The residue is usually formed after incomplete combustion. Whereas activated charcoal is formed when the usual or natural charcoal is heated to a high temperature. Regular charcoal is porous. When it is heated to a higher temperature, it becomes more porous, especially in the surface area. Charcoal has many objectives and purposes other than just lying there on the BBQ grill. It is known for the usual uses like cooking and grills but they are also beneficial for teeth whitening, skin brightening, and eatables like superfood powders.

Activated charcoal is more beneficial than regular ones. It has many properties that solve most of the problems regarding cleanliness, poisoning, skin infection, teeth whitening, water filtration, etc. It’s amazing how the pitch black substance works like magic for your skin. Yes! Activated charcoal is best for your skin. The skin care industry is going gaga over this very ingredient for showing amazing and positive results. It improvises the skin’s texture, surface, and quality if used regularly, not just this but does more than we have mentioned. Activated charcoal is not just good for your skin but also for your hair. It is safe for your hair for extraction properties. It removes dust, dirt, and oil from your scalp. Activated charcoal for skin lightening is making its way into organic skin care products. It is blessing your hair at the same time bagging the tag for natural hair care products.  

The benefits of activated charcoal lie in many things. It is beneficial for your hair, skin, body, and cleaning surfaces, and it’s consumable too! We have now come across many phases of life that we have all the remedies related to this natural ingredient. The regular kind of charcoal occurs naturally but activated charcoal is made and purified into a substance we can use safely on our skin and body. Let us take a look on activated charcoal and the amazing skin benefits it has! 

Benefits of Activated Charcoal for Skin Lightening

Activated charcoal is meant to fulfill many of your wishes and give you the best results. There are many organic face products, superfood powders, and natural hair care products available in the market and online that you can browse from. Herbal Magic specializes in organic products that are vegan, non-GMO, and contain no ammonia or chemicals. When it comes to your skin, the benefits of activated charcoal have a long list that one needs to know and understand to be able to use our products for the best. Activated charcoal extracts all the impurities from your skin like a magnet. It deeply cleanses dirt and oil from your skin pores. Using or applying original activated charcoal in its raw form might harm your skin but getting organic skin care products made from activated charcoal will give you what exactly you have been wanting! Lightened and brightened skin is on the way after you apply activated charcoal!

Natural skin care products for charcoal like face masks, face cleansers, face scrubbers, body washes, etc., are widely known for their benefits and visible results. However, for fresh, youthful, and lighter skin, choosing buy organic skin care products made of charcoal is the best choice one can make! For a more glorified view of organic products made of charcoal, let us understand the benefits of activated charcoal for the skin.  


1. The detoxifying cleanser

Activated charcoal is known for removing impurities from any kind of surface area. Organic skin care products with a little addition of fragrances and skin-friendly ingredients will give your skin a lightening and brightening look. Our skin has got deep pores that are stacked with oil, sebum, dirt, oil, blackheads, and whiteheads in different areas of your skin. Activated charcoal is capable of getting rid of all these impurities in seconds! 

2. Exfoliating agent 

Skin exfoliation with the properties of activated charcoal is more beneficial than skin cleansing. It shows more effects than just cleansing without affecting your normal skin. However, it can be followed after skin cleansing for better results. Most of the products containing harsh chemicals, change the texture of your skin. An Activated charcoal exfoliator as an organic face product will deeply exfoliate and cleanse your skin without harming the surface of your skin. Remove blackheads, excess oil, and dirt easily with exfoliation. 

3. Removes excess oil

Another benefit of activated charcoal for your face is that it removes excess oil from the surface of your skin. Many natural skin care products with various ingredients are very effective when it comes to removing excess oil, but charcoal brings out various amazing results such as skin brightening and lightening, oil-free, clear, and soft skin!

4. Stops the formation of acne 

If we start with skin cleansing, skin exfoliating, and then the removal of excess oil from the surface of your skin, we will be fulfilling the basic and vital needs of your skin that will not cost us a single pimple or acne! The path towards the journey to getting clearer acne-free skin is to wash your face regularly, and have oil-free skin. With the presence of activated charcoal, we can move forward towards clear brighter skin and stop the formation of acne and pimples. 

The formation of acne is also dependent on the kind of food you consume. Our body’s immunity cannot fight and digest fast food as it does with natural and organic food. Hence, it led to little absorption of nutrients, not so pure bloodstream, and hence, resulting in acne, oily skin, and pimples. If you seriously care for your skin, go for natural skin care products with activated charcoal for skin lightening. You can also go with Herbal Magic’s charcoal organic green superfood powder if you are looking for healthy digestion and immunity. Get a twisted dish while using charcoal superfood powder with juices, shakes, and porridge.   

5. Deep pore cleansing with activated charcoal

With the process of face cleansing, we get confused with many such impurities in our skin and fail to get deeply cleansed skin. Skin cleansing does not mean deeply cleansed skin, it is rather left partially cleansed. For clear skin, one has to know and perform the steps properly to get deep pore cleansing. 

Use the tip of your fingers to create pressure against your skin in circular motions and press gently. Do not forget to cover the sensitive and unreachable areas of your skin such as the sides of the nose, your chin, lower lips, and the tip of your nose. The unclear and clogged pores bring a lot of difference in your skin complexion. Activated charcoal for skin lightening and cleansing pores deeply is your best-ever option.   

 6. Shrinking pores

Both women and men find it hard to remove impurities that lie within their skin. Activated charcoal is an ingredient that knows no boundaries and comes forth to rescue all genders with its amazing properties. Activated charcoal helps in shrinking pores which are common in both men and women. The bigger your pores, the more dirt, and oil they will occupy. Either you deeply cleanse your pores with activated charcoal or shrink the pores!

Worry no more because organic face products made of activated charcoal do both and helps for a longer period! Use Herbal Magic’s charcoal powder for a natural face mask for shrunken pores and a deeply cleansed face! 

7. Skin tightening 

While we have a look at organic skin care products, we usually look for a few benefits without covering our overall requirements. If we have oily skin, we simply look for an organic face product that reduces the formation of oil on the skin’s surface and we buy it. We, for sure, overlook the ingredients and their functioning on our skin type. We might get over the oily skin but the other ingredients present in the organic face product will harm our skin. 

Similarly, organic skin care products which have activated charcoal will not harm your skin in any way and improve your skin texture and health. As we age, our skin reduces its quality in terms of skin tightening and the production of elastin. It promotes the production of both elastin and collagen to tighten your skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles! 


We have come across many organic products that deal with skin and skin problems. Then there is one ingredient which is a naturally forming mineral used to burn and cook food! It is quite confusing to agree to disagree that activated charcoal can be beneficial for your skin. But the proven results and outcomes have never let us down. Activated charcoal for natural skin care products is going to be your best pick!

It is not limited to just skincare but hair care too. One should choose Vegan and organic ingredients that are beneficial for both their skin, body, and hair. For internal and external health, Herbal Magic deals with more such natural superfood powders, and skin and natural hair care products. Prefer to buy certified organic skin care products. Herbal Magic is fully organic and certified with USDA Organic, Halal, WHO GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO 22000:2018, and HACCP Certified Company!

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