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11 Powerful Health Benefits of Organic Amla Powder: A Magnificent Superfood Powder!

by Mrs Pooja Sharma


Amla, also known as Phyllanthus Emblica or Indian Gooseberry, is being used, consumed and worshipped for its health benefits since the ancient times. They were recognized by Gods and Rishis (Hindu Sage) who started the very idea of Ayurveda. The Amla tree is considered a sacred tree in Hindu Mythology with highly medicinal benefits and values. People in India worship the Amla tree and the leaves are offered to Lord Vishnu and Shiva. However, Amla, other than having a great significance in Indian Mythology, has excellent health benefits and medicinal properties. Various ayurvedic medicines, supplements, capsules, tablets, and powdered drinks are made from using amla. Many fruits and vegetables are beneficial in their most raw form and as a supplement. Amla is consumable and can be used in every form. It goes well as anything; be it candy, a digestive tablet, hair oil, shampoo, a face pack, etc. 

Amla- the nectar of life

Amla has been recommended to all ages as a natural remedy, medicine, superfood, hair care product, and many more. It has led to the emerging times of Amla working as a remedy for almost everything. In Hindi, it is also called ‘Sarvadosha’, meaning the eradicator of all diseases. Amla tastes bitter and sour, it cannot be tasted like regular food without clenching your teeth. We have been dropping off every kind of superfood since our childhood. Just like amla, Neem is bitter as well but it is high in antioxidants and vitamins. All superfoods are hard to consume but are a blessing in disguise. Similarly, amla is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, antioxidants, and nutrients. It has a strong aroma, and flavor which also turns out to be recognizable when applied on hair as a natural hair care product, and on the face as an organic skin care product.

This berry which was popular in ancient India is now popular around the entire world for its numerous health benefits. It is still the best known, claimed ayurvedic medicine and medicinal fruit, and hence, Herbal Magic has got organic amla powder for your health and you. Amla is also known for coming up with the best organic skin care products giving fine results

Organic Amla Powder as a ‘Superfood’ 

Apart from the many health benefits of amla, we are aware of superfood and superfood powders and undoubtedly, amla makes the best superfood powder ever. If we take a look at the benefits of amla as a fruit, it has numerous benefits. For the changing lifestyles, health concerns, and feasible food habits, we are now witnessing superfood powders, making a way for healthy food habits. Every ingredient is not available in every nook and corner of the world. Herbal Magic specializes in organic green superfood powders and superfood supplements for the never-ending supply of healthy organic superfoods and superfood powder.

Organic amla powder is consumed with smoothie bowls, lukewarm water, soups, and stew. You can also take it as a natural hydrating drink every day on an empty stomach. Buy Organic amla powder from Herbal Magic and get ready for a fresh beginning every day. But before getting started, let us know the various existing health benefits of organic amla powder.   

11 Powerful Health Benefits of Organic Amla Powder

1. Moderates hypertension & cholesterol

Hypertension is a result of stress. Our body releases free radicals whenever we are stressed. The high amounts of antioxidants present in amla break down the free radicals, hence, looking after stress, hypertension, and blood pressure. 

The blood vessels and your respiratory system are not affected by external factors if you consume amla regularly. Organic amla powder helps in balancing the cholesterol levels in your body. The vitamin C present in amla is anti-inflammatory, resulting in healthy blood vessels and proper respiratory organ functionality.   

2. Role in diabetes

Amla and organic amla powder control diabetes. Stress, being one of the main reasons for diabetes, keeps finding its way every now and then. It can be countered by amla and its antioxidant properties. It prevents oxidative stress, and being a good source of vitamin C helps a lot! It lowers sugar levels, hence, being one of the most useful remedies for diabetes.  

3. Improves digestion

Due to the presence of soluble dietary fibers, organic amla powder helps to regulate irregular bowel movements. You can consume it with smoothie bowls, lukewarm water, stew, etc., twice or once a day on an empty stomach and get started with your day. Most superfood supplements are the best digestive consumables as they boost your immunity, improve digestion, and detoxify your body.

4. Helps to improve eye health

Amla, being rich in vitamin A superfood, and a superfood supplement, is super-good for your eyes! It keeps you up with aging and improvises your vision. With aging, you are likely to get many health disorders and conditions. Your body, skin and eyes, and other body parts start getting dysfunctional too. When you consume amla in any form, you will have much healthier eyes, and vitamin A also helps with conjunctivitis. Amla keeps you healthy and young. Most organic green superfood powders are responsible for taking care of your health in many ways. Amla, being one of them, brings out the best in your health. 

5. Immunity booster

Amla has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It also acts like an astringent. Vitamin C also reduces every sort of cellular damage in your body and inflammation caused by foreign germs or bacteria. Similarly, organic amla powder boosts immunity if your body is affected by oxidative damage. The number of occurring issues caused by oxidative damage are the results of oxidative stress after which free radicals are produced that are harmful to your body. In the same way, the health benefits of organic amla powder come to light as it protects the cells. 

6. Strengthens memory 

Strong memory and brain health are affected by memory problems like Dementia, and Alzheimer's. In these cases, and others like damaged brain cells, the higher levels of vitamin C present in amla produce ‘norepinephrine’. This component helps in improving the functioning of the brain along with neurotransmitters. 

For a strong memory, have Herbal Magic’s organic amla powder that fights free radicals and helps your memory to strengthen.  

7. Good mental health

We have been aware of amla being highly beneficial for people with weak memory and similar conditions like Dementia. In the same way, it also improvises brain functioning and lets you deal with good mental and brain health.  

Like amla improvises the regular blood flow in the blood vessels and nerves, It also changes a lot in your memory and its functioning. Consuming amla, especially organic amla powder by Herbal Magic, improves cognitive functions, focus, and concentration. The phytonutrients such as coumarins, isoflavones, organosulfur, lutein, etc., and antioxidants benefit from fighting against free radicals that can create disturbances in your brain cells. 

The health benefits of organic amla powder when it comes to the nervous system, brain, cognitive functions, memory, dementia, and Alzheimer’s, are excellent. Try organic amla powder and other organic green superfood powders to improve your health!

8. Helps with weight loss and burns fat

Amla increases your body’s metabolic rate. The faster your body’s metabolic rate, the faster you will burn fat. Along with the metabolic rate, amla contains fiber which eases constipation, improves bowel movements, and gut health. 

This superfood powder contains iron, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E which helps in keeping up with the immunity, digestive system, and body fat. If you are consuming amla regularly, do not worry about your weight as the organic green superfood powder got your back! It will give you the same results as consuming amla as juice or organic amla superfood powder. 

9. Get healthy hair and skin

As a superfood supplement, we cannot be more sure about amla that ticks all the boxes starting from good gut health, physical health, stronger hair, and glowing face. You can apply amla as hair oil, shampoo, or any other hair care product. It eliminates dandruff from your scalp, strengthens your hair roots, and reduces hairfall, dandruff, and itchy scalp. Get all the benefits and browse more of such products from Herbal Magic for your hair care. Natural hair care products from Herbal Magic are organic, non-GMO, and vegan. On the other hand, it works like magic for your skin too! Organic skin care products for amla contain the goodness of amla, which looks after acne, skin pigmentation, and aging. You can also look for amla skin cleansers, face packs, and face masks for clear glowing skin. Look for organic skin care products on Herbal Magic to enjoy the goodness and benefits of amla.  

10. A remedy for PCOS 

The health benefits of organic amla powder look after your fertility issues, menstrual cycles, and PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). It promotes reproductive health, eases menstrual cramps, and strengthens the uterus. Women having issues with irregular periods and heavy menstrual flow, can consume amla raw or Herbal Magic organic amla powder with lukewarm water for better feminine health and body functionality.

11. Good gut health

Amla is a good stomach cleanser if consumed every morning on an empty stomach. Like every organic green superfood powder, amla is even more special if compared with the other ingredients. It improvises overall gut health starting from cleansing your stomach, colon, and intestines to boosting your entire digestive health. For well-functional liver, stomach ulcers, cleansed colon, and regular bowel movements prefer Amla as it detoxifies impurities from within.   


We have had a short tour of the benefits and purposes of Amla as a berry and a medicinal ingredient. Many tiny benefits create many bigger impacts on your body and health. It works best for your hair, skin, and internal body health. There is a higher demand for Indian Gooseberry as it is a seasonal fruit. We cannot get it throughout the year or any time we want. The health needs cannot stop and neither the availability and necessity of Ayurvedic plants and berries like amla. Since most of them, like amla, is seasonal, we focus on making the most out of them. Be it curry, stew, pickle, or dried candies; these homemade recipes can be consumed throughout the year till you get the season of amla’s next time. Various industries produce and sell amla health drinks, amla superfood powders, amla natural hair care products, amla organic skin care products, amla superfood supplements, amla capsules, amla supplement tablets, etc. The overabundance of the need for amla is valid and we are right here to fulfill all your needs and demands for better health and body. Browse more of such organic products as amla at Herbal Magic.  

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