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Top 5 Natural Skin Care Products - Be Beautiful With Herbal Magic!

by Mrs Pooja Sharma

Skin care regimens and routines are on purpose to take care of your beautiful skin. Natural skin care products are easily available on the market they are the most available ones. There is a steep rise in the demand for these natural and organic face products. It is the skin that demands natural and organic product uses. Due to many reasons like pollution, impure water, and chemical-based products, there is a desperate need for natural skin care products. The very idea of skin care emerged in Egypt and China in ancient times. Since then, we have seen a huge inclination toward skin and body care. 

We do remember the 70’s ads with grooving music, ladies being cautious about their beauty, and using skin care products like cream, powders, and lotions to get soft glowing skin. Though the ads have changed with time the cautiousness never did. We are just a few steps closer to getting our skin in its best version, the few steps that remain are of picking up the right products that are suitable for your skin. 

We are in for complete hair, skin, and body care! Our skin has become much more sensitive due to recurring reasons and it’s about time to change products or get suitable products for your well-being. Nevertheless, it is not too late for taking care of your skin while changing your regular products and adapting natural skin care for sensitive skin. Organic skin care products are also seeing a huge difference in the world as they are proving and paving the way for giving the best results. There are differences in skin types, places, and climates. A hot humid climate in a country has people with brown and oily skin whereas, in a colder region, people have dry and scaly skin. With such differences, we choose ingredients and products that heal such skin types.   

On the other hand, hair care is no less important. Organic hair products have become the first choice of people as they are looking for better care and desired results. Natural hair care products for men and women are available on Herbal Magic’s website with more such products to choose from! Be it skin care or hair care, explore the wide range of products now. But first, let us know more about natural skin care products.       


Natural Skin Care Products 

We might not be aware of various products available in the market but exploring more of such skin care remedies and natural skin care products is a help to your knowledge and skin as well. You will have enough idea and time to look for the right product for your skin. Natural or organic skin care products are not just beneficial for your skin but for the environment as well! We will have a look at the benefits of natural skin care products but first, let us understand what makes skin care products natural and how are they beneficial. 

Natural skin care products are processed natural products with natural ingredients, elements, essential oils, plant extracts, etc. These ingredients together are infused and made into products also termed as a organic face products or organic skin care products. However, there is a tiny difference between processed products and organic products. Sometimes the ingredients are grown and derived organically but are processed using synthetic chemicals and preservatives for increasing their storing capacity. 

Though such products show the same results as natural ones! But make sure you have a look at the ingredients once before you buy products for your skin. Especially the ones with sensitive skin are advised to be more cautious about their skin care. Natural skin care for sensitive skin must contain products with distinctive results and ingredients. Carefully follow the process of application, the amount, and the recommended time to use them on your skin. Some products also restrict you to go out in the sun if you have applied the product to your skin. The best advice one can give for using natural and organic products is to follow the instructions for the best results.


Benefits of natural skin care products

  1. They are naturally processed without losing the originality of the plants, herbs, and other ingredients.   
  2. They give the best results as there are no traces of mixing up chemicals and natural extracts. 
  3. They are rich in antioxidants, which means, they will not only nourish your skin but also heal them from inside the skin cells and prevent them from getting various skin conditions further. 
  4. They contain essential oils which moisturize your skin deeply and keep it moisturized for a long time. 
  5. They are rich in proteins, vitamins, and other vital essential nutrients which build collagen fibers in your skin that are responsible for your skin health, skin longevity, and aging.
  6. Almost all-natural and organic face products are cruelty-free and vegan. They do not require any tests or animal-based ingredients.               

Buy Top 5 Natural Skin Care Products on Herbal Magic


Now that we are familiar with natural skin care products and their benefits, let us focus on the top 5 natural products that are available on Herbal Magic. We have made it easier for you to pick the top best products for your healthy skin. You can prefer them into your regular routine as organic face products to get the best results!  


  1. Organic Multipurpose Hibiscus Powder

Hibiscus is helpful in even skin tone, skin brightening, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots. It is the only flower that has multiple values and benefits. It’s not only good for your skin but your hair as well. It is the perfect product if you have sensitive skin. Add it to your daily skin care regimen now to get healthy skin & hair!       

2. Sandalwood Face Pack Powder

Sandalwood helps in removing acne, and blackheads, softening skin, removing sun tan and dark spots, removing excess oil, and resulting in clear glowing skin. Sandalwood Face Pack Powder by Herbal Magic gives you the same benefits with additional advantages. It is 100% natural, vegan, non-GMO, and contains no harmful chemicals, ammonia, and parabens. 

Sandalwood Face Pack Powder can also be used with rose water, coconut oil, cucumber juice, curd, honey, lemon juice, turmeric, and camphor. It is aromatic and helpful for your skin if you apply on skin by mixing the above ingredients. Apply them to your face with lukewarm water or any of these ingredients, massage them over and leave them for 15 minutes for best results. However, you can also use sandalwood powder for healthy lustrous hair. 

3. Orange Peel Powder

Orange peel has anti-microbial properties and is rich in Vitamin C with properties that can help to fight pimples and acne. It removes pimple-causing bacteria, pigmentation, dark spots, and tanning and gives you fresh, tan-free glowing skin. You can also use orange peel powder by mixing it with honey, lemon, Herbal Magic’s Multani Mitti Powder, yogurt, and rose water, for better results. Orange peel powder is the most trusted and recommended organic face product by Herbal Magic. You can make magical blends by yourself according to your skin’s requirements and apply an orange peel powder face pack for 30 minutes.

Orange peel powder is also suitable for all hair types, you can get this natural hair product from Herbal Magic for both your skin and hair. 

4. Lemon Peel Powder

Lemon as a fruit contains a high amount of Vitamin C, tastes sour, and adds flavor to everything. The lemon peel, on the other hand, has the same qualities with added benefits for your skin and hair. If mixed with honey and sugar powder, lemon peel powder acts like natural skin care for skin. It eliminates acne, and pimples, lightens dark spots, exfoliates the skin, hydrates the skin, and gives a natural glow with the properties of Vitamin C. Many women suffer from hyperpigmentation and dark patchy spots on their face, around the areas of the lips, dark circles, cheeks, and the neck. Lemon peel powder by Herbal Magic acts like a warrior and fights such skin conditions for clear skin! 

5. Lotus Powder

There are only a few organic face products that fulfill the criteria of all of your skincare needs. Lotus Powder by Herbal Magic does the same with taking care of your hair. Lotus powder is beneficial for your skin in terms of removing excess oil, acne, and pimples. It is high in antioxidants which makes our work much easier!

Lotus Powder as a natural hair product adds vibrance and natural shine to your hair. Get thicker and longer hair with lotus powder mixed with Amla and Bhringaraj Powder for the best results. To prevent scalp inflammation and irritation, lotus powder acts as a natural hair conditioner! 


Time flies but the concerns related to skin, body and hair remain the same. While we look after our physical health, it is also important to have a look at our skin body and hair. As we know, not all products can work like magic but only the natural and organic ones! They are 100% natural and organically processed for better clarity and output. 

You can try Herbal Magic’s products and perform a hypersensitivity test to find out. We have been changing and trying out different products to use that one product for a lifetime. But only a few of them turns out productive and beneficial. The beneficial ones are almost most of the time the organic ones. 

The way they are grown without using any harmful pesticides, are vegan and are non-GMO, make them living proof of positive results for your skin and hair. We have taken you on a short tour through natural skin care products, their significance, benefits and our top 5 products. We hope we made the aspects clear and easy for you to go through our website looking for natural skin care for sensitive skin, organic face products and natural hair products. You can also check various superfood powders available on our website with organic ingredients and super-benefits! 

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