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Things That Every Organic Henna(Mehandi) Lover Should Know About Henna Hair Dye

by Mrs Pooja Sharma

We have been told to take care of our health, and eat nutritious food for a healthy lifestyle. Do we know there is more to it?! Overall well-being includes more than just inner health. Our hair, skin, body, eyes, and nails reflect us as an individual and have to be taken care of. Buy certified organic skin care products for your healthy skin, with no chemicals, ammonia, or synthetic materials. You can also find and buy organic skin & hair care products online.

With passing time and aging, we lose the caliber of our natural hair and skin. There are variously available products and methods to retain it, what to choose? What to do and not? We will understand while we try. Who doesn’t love their hair at its best?! Be it short, medium, curly or wavy, we love them anyway. Taking care of them with our favorite natural hair care product and method is what makes us feel confident to keep going. It differs from the product and ingredients of how your hair is treated. We might be confident with our choices and application of these various organic hair products but perfect results can be a myth or a reality! There is a similar ingredient with a huge following and is loved by many, Henna (Mehendi). Henna is derived from Henna or Mehendi leaves, which are blended into a paste and applied on hair or hands/palms as a ‘Henna tattoo’. They are also dried, dehydrated, and crushed into powder for easy application and uses.

No matter a Henna lover simply loves Henna just the way it is. There are many benefits and uses of Henna leaves. Its many available forms like organic Henna powder, Henna paste, Henna hair mask, and Henna dye are the best derivatives of the plant. Mehendi and Henna are the same, ‘Henna’ is the Arabic name. Henna is used globally for its various benefits and uses in different fields. Why don’t we have a look at all of it? If you are a Henna lover, let’s focus on all the benefits and outcomes of Henna, let’s be clear that Henna has no boundaries for any gender. It has different purposes that fit in with this super ingredient. 

Things That Every Organic Henna Lover Should Know

1. It is a naturally occurring blessing for your hair and head!

Henna always find its way to be your favorite hair care product. This only ingredient has the ability to look after your head, hair, cosmetic, and ornamental needs. Imagine an existence of a plant that not only benefits your scalp but also your hair with decorative Henna tattoos. Henna lovers, unite to understand and know more about your favorite stuff! Organic face products contain no harmful chemicals and parabens which are present in almost all existing natural and organic face products. But, only a few of them that claims to be organic, are 100% organic. So, before buying any products checkout their certification.

The naturally occurring blessing is highly beneficial for your head, hair, and scalp with visible positive results. However, it is advised to take a patch test before you apply Henna in any form no matter what.  

2. Soothes and relieves:

Take a full box of freshly plucked Henna leaves and blend them with yogurt and a suitable kind of hair oil. The freshly made Henna paste can be applied to your hair and left for not more than 40 minutes. This natural hair care product results in light hair color, soft and silky hair. This formula relieves your headache, helps in rejuvenating your hair, and keeps your hair healthy if followed regularly. Most people have been using lemon juice in their Henna mixes. Try to avoid it as lemons are rich in Vitamin C and a concentrated element that can cause a burning sensation and irritation. 

3. Beneficial for your hair scalp:

Organic Henna or homemade/home-grown Henna has all the properties to support your scalp. Scalp, being the base and holder of most of the essential elements of your hair, goes through a lot and deserves all the care and attention. If you apply the same homemade paste with Henna leaves, yogurt and hair oil to your hair, on a regular basis, you will always have a healthy scalp. It will also keep you away from dandruff, itchy, and oily scalp. Natural hair care products have the potential to meet all your expectations, especially for healthy hair scalp.  

It has additional properties that not only act like a cost-effective product but also are free from harmful chemicals. A product that is all natural and free from chemicals, works the best for your hair and scalp. From vitalizing and nourishing the roots and tips, Henna will also enhance the quality of your hair with regular use.

4. Promotes hair growth and naturally conditions hair:

If you follow a few simple steps with Henna leaves or Henna powder, you will be delighted to enjoy the benefits. The addition of eggs in your Henna powder mix will strengthen your hair and promote hair growth. You can also add two full teaspoons of castor oil or mustard oil for better conditioning from hair roots to tips. For best results, use organic Henna powder regularly. 

5.Helps to get rid of rough and frizzy hair

The Henna paste helps you get rid of dry scalp, nourishes the roots, and prevents breakage. Your hair follicles get better and stronger preventing damage. The presence of hair oil in the Henna paste helps in moisturizing your hair deeply. It looks shiny and feels soft. Get rid of rough and frizzy hair with organic henna powder. With frequent use, you can also get rid of split ends. Make sure you cut off or trim your hair tips and allow your hair to grow young and new. Always keep your hair protected from the sun and dust to avoid roughness and split ends.     

6. A natural hair dye: bye-bye ammonia and parabens!

Last but not least, you can also apply Henna to your hair for natural hair color. Instead of coloring your hair with products that contain harmful chemicals that can cause hair damage for a long time. It gets difficult to retain the natural condition of your hair. Instead, why not use a product that is natural with no chemicals, ammonia, and parabens, whatsoever! Organic Henna powder will provide you with extra shine, healthy, bouncy, and lustrous hair with the desired hair color. However, the hair color differs with the contents of your Henna powder mix. With the proper balance of organic hair products like Indigo powder, Shikakai powder and Reetha powder, you can set your hair color from dark brown to light brown. 


The idea is to get the best hair color without any harmful side effects of a chemical-based product. Buy natural hair care products so, it will provide you with all the natural benefits and goodness of natural products; but also relieves you from side effects. Organic hair products of all kinds might be rich in vitamins and minerals but can be toxic. Be careful while you choose a product with Henna. Being a Henna lover, you will fall for the fragrance, texture, color and benefits of Henna hair dye.

Organic Henna powder by Herbal Magic ticks all the boxes with your needs! The easiest product one can use is right here, all you have to do is, apply organic Henna powder paste to your hair, even on your scalp. Then stay for about 2 to 12 hours depending on the length of your hair. Then rinse with water. It’s optional to use a hair conditioner but if you do, please use a natural hair conditioner. Do not wash your hair with shampoo for up to 3 days.

Please do not forget to do a hypersensitivity test before you apply organic Henna powder. Organic face products like orange peel powder, pomegranate powder, coconut water powder, etc., require the same tests to ensure your safety and then productivity. Remember, everyone loves Henna, thus, buy your favorites from a place you get all the natural goodness of Henna or Mehendi leaves. Explore more of such certified organic skin care products and buy organic skin & hair care products from Herbal Magic’s website.     

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