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Latest Organic Hair & Skin Care Trends

by Mrs Pooja Sharma

We have been taking care of our health, skin, and hair for a long time. There were drastic changes in the world due to the corona pandemic. In the last two and a half years for which the trends have totally changed. The suddenness in the changes in the world was enough to make people think whether the claimed natural products are ‘actually natural’ or they are just named after them following the ongoing trends. To add more about the changing trends and fashion; times change! Now we buy organic skin and hair care products and we have been following the same trends. However, with more concern, consciousness is to be added. Pollution, rising health conditions, chemical-based products, etc did not let us follow authentic, natural, and organic remedies. Then came the lockdown period that made us sit in our homes, grow our own vegetables, make our own sandwiches, take care of our health by ourselves, and more such independent roles. 

Similarly, the skin and hair care products in the beauty industry made us conscious of our brittle skin and hair’s health, sustainable packaging, and the ingredients used. This made us buy organic skin & hair care products and follow organic remedies for our skin and hair. When we were home back in the lockdown period, we had enough time to try various products for our skin and hair. We tried, explored, and were satisfied/dissatisfied with the outcomes of using organic and natural skin care products. These two years made us realize our health and made us more conscious of our overall well-being. As Ralph Waldo said, ‘the first wealth is health’, we know organic products are more expensive than the usual ones, but we still pay a few more pennies for the sake of our health. This is how we move forward to a new era of using organic skin care products and organic natural hair products

Herbal Magic deals with certified organic skin care products, that have no side effects or any specific reverse reactions. Be it hair masks, organic natural hair products, or natural skin care products, they are very beneficial for your hair with positive results and visible effects. The super ingredients are Ayurvedic with exceptional medicinal properties. They are made into superfood powder or organic skin care products/organic natural hair products for the never-ending supply of health for your skin and hair to help you catch up on the latest organic skin and hair care trends!  

Organic trends- on the top!

Organic and natural products are known for organic farming, cultivation, careful selection of ingredients, extraction, and processing, hence, they are more expensive. They are doing well in the market in every possible way, the only challenge for organic products is, selling their products at lower prices. Other than that, organic skin care products and organic natural hair products are a world full of organic trends that we will explore now.

Let’s start with beauty trends. Previously, starting from the ancient times to the 60s and 70s, there were no skincare routines and few products that we see today like serums, toners, face masks, etc. They started coming to light slowly, there were no powerful organic ingredients as we have today. The present times require good health in and out. The pollution, emerging bad food habits, harsh UV rays, and many other factors have made us buy natural hair care products and natural skin care products.   

The latest organic hair care trends

1. Curls without heat

We have been there in the era of TikTok while watching and observing many trends and techniques. One of them is getting hair curls, naturally without any heating hair appliance. All you have to do is, wet your hair a little, wrap a bath towel rolling all along your hair after showering in your damp hair, and leave it to dry for one hour or two. Brush along your shiny locks to get them wavy curls. You can also apply serum or hair cream for a clean look and to set your hair. Buy natural hair products online to help your hair with the best nourishment it can get. You can also buy Henna, Orange peel, Papaya leaf and various other available powders for hair masks.  

2. Hair care with hair oil

We have considered applying hair oil to be ‘old-fashioned’ since school times. But now we understand, that there’s more to fashion than just the looks and texture of your hair. We use body and face moisturizers to keep our skin hydrated and get rid of dried skin. But what about the scalp? Washing our hair is not enough, it needs essential nutrients and moisture locks for healthy strands and strong roots. Thus, applying oil or DIY warm oil to your hair is trending and is perfect for you. You can also buy organic hair products from Herbal Magic and prepare a DIY hair mask by mixing Shikakai, neem and Mehendi powder together. Do not forget to massage oil on your scalp after the application. 

3. Splash formula- shampoo without water

These are no-rinse/showerless shampoos or you can call them ‘dry shampoos’, found to be useful and sometimes not. You still need to wash your hair very often but showerless shampoo will not only save you time but make your hair look non-greasy and stylish. However, frequent use of no-rinse shampoo is not recommended as you need water to wash away all the dirt and dust from your scalp and keep it hydrated.  

4. Skinification of hair

This term is not as old as one year. It simply means to give your hair and scalp the treatment given to your skin. In a few words, it’s the same as following a hair care routine as you do to your skin with organic skin care products. This includes hair and scalp oil, hair serum, shampoo, conditioner, hair masks and hair oil. 


Organic skin care trends

1. Glass skin

As time flies, the Koreans come up with new technologies and ideas. They have the hub of technological reminiscence and evolvement. The K-beauty industry has bought a huge turn in the entire world with the ‘glass skin’ trend. Their lifestyle and skin care routines include a few natural skin care products that give you flawless, clear skin. Most of the population cannot attain that glass skin on their faces depending on the climatic impacts and geographical regions. The skin looks so flawless that it resembles a glass that it’s named after- ‘glass skin’. You can also apply Herbal Magic’s facial masks which are certified organic skin care products and you can buy organic skin & hair care products from.   

2. Graphic liner

Makeup trends and fashion keeps changing, among which graphic liners are predicted to be the trendiest in the present time. Liners are meant to be pitch black in color to enhance your eye’s beauty. Graphic liners are not bound with any color, you can add glitters, and multiple colors, make patterns, and designs, and blend more colors into one, for a bold, catchy, dramatic and colorful look. 

3. Hyaluronic acid

For skin health, anti-aging and getting rid of wrinkles, retinol and hyaluronic acid are on the trend. As we move forward towards development, we move towards aging and multiple issues related to skin. Here’s when the beauty industry comes to the rescue. Now with the regular usage of hyaluronic acid, women can look after early signs of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

4. Gua Sha and jade roller

Gua sha is a stone with a clear surface that will easily run over your skin after you apply cream or serum. They help in stimulating the blood vessels for even blood circulation on your face. It also helps to get rid of muscle tension. Jade roller is a beauty tool that is beneficial for facial massage. Both of the tools have been there since ancient times and are recommended to use along with face serums and oils.     


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