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Amazing Facts About Superfood Supplements!

by Mrs Pooja Sharma

As we move forward with technology, we strive to get more knowledgeable and smart. We pass many times and trends with extraordinary stuff. Be it a food item or a dish, we get surprised every day with brand new innovative ideas. Not long ago we were introduced to superfood supplements. We are now highly conscious about our health that we cannot resist picking up organic products and ingredients from the market. It’s organic green superfood powder when it comes to consumption, and organic skin care products when it comes to beauty products, similarly, organic herbal tea, superfood supplements, etc., are best known for their organic building properties. 

Turns out that choosing organic products was the best idea for us! Superfood supplements are derived from superfoods like vegetables, fruits, or cereals, and are produced in a powdered form with the same amount of nutrients and minerals you will get from the ingredient itself. The idea of superfood supplements was to save time and make it easier to consume highly nutritious food. 

Why choose superfood supplements?

1. What do they do?

Superfood powders and superfood vitamins help your body meet the daily requirements which are necessary for a healthy life. The food we consume differs immensely from person to person and country to country. It is also based on the choices we make, not all food has the same taste and is loved by everyone. Children might not like greens which are the best-known superfood. No matter what, that’s what superfoods do! Provide you with the essential vital nutrients your body demands.  

2. Is it safe?

There are no risks of consuming superfood powders, instead, they will help you in every other way. It’s similar to consuming highly nutritional food but in the form of superfood vitamin capsules, gummies and superfood powders. The best idea made sure we consume the superfood in different ways with our comfort. We don’t have to worry as the superfood has passed all the tests. It is safe to consume but make sure you get checked with your doctor for recurring allergies to some food ingredients. Especially superfood gummies are consumable by children. They will enjoy the texture, taste and fun to chew a bear-shaped supplement!  

3. Why do you need them?

We have busy schedules and very few minutes to cut veggies and fruits, put them in the blender, add the necessary toppings and garnish, and consume them. This is not a bad habit either but since lives are made easier by supplements and superfoods, we can easily get started with our days with just a capsule, a teaspoon of superfood powder, superfood vitamin tablets, or any beverages like organic herbal tea. Now that we know what are supplements, they are safe and why we need them, let us also have a look at some amazing facts about superfood supplements  

Amazing Facts About Superfood Supplements!

1. Spirulina has higher protein than chicken

The number of highly beneficial nutritional compositions present in Spirulina can be compared and contrasted with meat almost meeting the margin. Surprisingly, an organic superfood powder can be a meat substitute! It has a higher protein content. However, when the information was put in a chart to track the differences, gelatin showed more protein, with spirulina coming up right after in the list. With high antioxidants, protects the cells against free radicals and oxidative stress. This organic green superfood powder is a must-have! 

2. A festival meant for Acai

In the state of Amazonas in Brazil, a municipality named Codajás is known for hosting an Acai festival named  “Festa do Açaí. The significance of this festival is to sell Acai berries where over 50,000 vendors visit Codajás to sell Acai. This festival is observed in the second half of May. The best part is, that people not only sell acai berries but different food made of it, such as salads, desserts, cocktails, etc. Imagine getting drowned in a festival of rich fibers and antioxidants. Acai berries are superfood vitamins that mark their territory as being one of the berries that are celebrated as a festival.   

3. Plant-based supplements are richer in antioxidants than animals

It is quite surprising that supplements or vitamins derived from plants have more antioxidants than animals. Plant-based superfood supplement powders like spinach powder, spirulina powder, kale powder, various berry powders, etc., if compared to animal-based supplements like omega-3 fatty acids, have higher fibers and vitamins. There might be an up-and-down scenario depending on the ingredient, but there’s a marginal difference. Shocked? Switch to organic green superfood powder for health and immunity. 

4. The power of kiwis

We knew that oranges and kiwis are superfruits that have numerous amounts of vitamins, fibers, and antioxidants, and are beneficial against many deadly diseases. But did you know that kiwi has vitamin C which is 7 times more than oranges?  Along with offering better digestion and immunity, kiwi also reduces the risks of heart diseases and asthma. Kiwi superfood powders can be termed organic green superfood powders.

5. Yacon- a possible sweetening agent!

We have heard of stevia, cane, and rice malts, but can a modified root/a a tuberous plant be a sweetening agent? Well, yes! It has a pleasant sweet taste which we can use as a sugar-free sweetening agent. Honey and jaggery are used for the same benefits but yacon has more super-benefits and properties than honey and jaggery.

6. Chia seeds were used for sacrifices! 

In ancient civilizations, chia seeds were considered superstitious. People thought the chia seeds had supernatural powers and hence used them in religious activities and even sacrifices! Besides that, chia seeds are an excellent source of antioxidants- quercetin, omega-3, fiber, protein, and micronutrients. Organic chia seeds can be used in yoghurt, desserts, porridge, smoothie bowls, etc. 

7. Lucuma powder is more than we know what it is

Other than just being known for its usual properties, did you know lucuma powder works like magic on your skin? It helps in rejuvenation, healing of wounds and skin recovery. However, lucuma is best-known for promoting good heart health, and controlling blood sugar levels, can be consumed as a superfood powder or as a raw fruit. It also helps you to get rid of gut bacteria in order to have good gut health.


Sometimes we do not consume highly nutritious food, superfood vitamins, or even if we start with our meal, it does not fulfil the basic needs our body wants. It will not accept a glass of juice for the day! We will get weak and put a risk on our health with repetitive habits every day. We also get busy and engaged in our lives that we fail to focus on our meals. Technology and innovation have made our lives different and easier. It is now easier to depend on supplements for your health. While we say ‘dependency’, do not get away from your routine and meals. Consider supplements as one of the additional parts of your regular diet which has positive effects on your health. If you turn the pages for all the existing superfoods in the world, you will be extremely amazed by the facts and properties. But for now, it's time to pick what your body demands and take care of your health. At Herbal Magic, you will get a collection of superfood supplements, superfood powder, supplement vitamins, and superfood gummies. You can also buy natural hair care products with skin care products!   

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