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Top 11 Reasons to Switch to Organic and Natural Hair Products

by Mrs Pooja Sharma

Hair fall, itchy scalp, psoriasis, flaky scalp, ingrown hair, etc., are some of the issues we have been through or heard about to realise the importance of a good scalp and healthy hair. It not only impacts our scalp and it’s health but more than what we just know. Poor selection of products can result in body allergies and the stress followed by similar conditions will just add to it. 

Not a few years ago, we were not even aware of natural hair products, were we? All we were aware of was washing our hair and keeping them dirt free. 

What has changed lately to go for organic products?   

organic natural hair products It was not long ago when the world went gaga over , especially during the lockdown. The rising issues in the world like pollution, appetite, sunlight, etc are changing and rising with time which interrupts our health chart in every possible way. It has been changing for generations! We do have a hold on these issues with natural products being the solution or remedy. With poor diet, poor hair washing habits and a not-so-wise selection of hair products we are surely close to giving up on our hair. The options are many and the gates are open. 

Pollution and environmental conditions are hard to change but here’s a reality check- it’s never too late to change the hair products you use! Here’s why-


1) Chemical-free products on the top!

Regular hair products include sulphates, parabens, and other toxic and harmful chemicals that harm our hair a little with every use. If you observe your hair getting rough and frizzy after getting dried, then you know what it is! It’s the after-effect of using a product with chemicals. They are not acceptable and your hair show reverse actions. At this point, ensure you condition your hair with a recognised hair conditioner or choose a shampoo and conditioner that’s 100% natural.    


2) Vegan & GMO-free for no lies

The ingredients used and the way they got processed are all-natural, vegan and GMO-free when it comes to a natural hair product. They require no further steps in processing the products to add colours, preservatives or chemicals. Just the naturally occurring fragrance and texture of natural hair products will give excellent results to your hair without causing any harm. Plus, they are vegan and GMO-free for good! 


3) They are cruelty-free for the win

It’s quite a task to rectify natural products that are cruelty-free and regular chemical-based products. Cruelty-free products can have chemicals in their components and can still be certified as ‘cruelty-free’ and vice versa. Assume any organic natural hair product, it can contain chemicals but you will see a ‘cruelty-free’ certification. It’s the same for certified organic skin care products. But, after all, most of them are cruelty-free so you can celebrate the products with health and fairness. While you get confused about whether to go with the components or certification, go for both. You will definitely get one! 


4) Sustainable and sustenance, best of both worlds!

We have been part of the rallies and movements only for this! Sustainability is at its peak at this time due to the falling nature the world is witnessing. Sustainable and friendly packaging is what people mostly look for these days. We do not want to depend on plastics anymore, do we? Starting from organic face products to certified organic skin care products, we look for environment-friendly packaging. They contain renewable ingredients, reduce carbon emissions, and are energy efficient. When it comes to the packaging, they must not be partially but fully biodegradable. We can also be sure to reuse the bottle, jar, box, pouches, etc., to mark its importance. Thus, buy natural hair care products as it’s easy and efficient!   


5) Healthy mood for a healthy scalp 

organic natural hair products Our scalp secretes ‘sebum’ in the scalp which has natural soothing and moisturizing effects. Excess secretion of sebum can cause harm to your scalp and react with your regular shampoo just to cause irritation and itching. It can also cause prolonged inflammation or redness followed by. If you buy natural hair care products and use them wisely, you can challenge such issues. It can still cause a few problems depending on the ingredients your products contain and scalp sensitivity. A prior product and quality check are mandatory for the well-being of your hair. However, are best known for resulting in a healthy scalp followed by a good mood. 


6) Irritation-free

If you buy organic hair products, you will observe a reduced or zero amount of irritation or allergy. Most of the time, we skip getting to know the brand and product at the store whenever we hold the bottle. The fewer the chemicals, the fewer allergic reactions and irritation-free hair care regimens! However, one must not get over the fact that the products are not solely responsible for such issues. It can also be the selection of the ingredient present in the product you might be allergic to. So choose wisely! 


7) Perfect for your coloured and dyed hair

It’s not quite a surprise that whenever you dye your hair, it takes only a little time to drain the colour with every hair wash. With organic natural hair products, you will keep up with your hair dye without losing its quality. There might be times when you lose the natural condition of your hair due to the hair colour but natural hair products will lock your hair colour without causing any harm to your hair.   


8) Pacifying with essential oils 


Generally, essential oils are used for therapeutic or aromatherapeutic purposes. We have now come up with products with essential oils which create a smooth lather on our hair making them feel silky and look shiny. It also leaves an amazing fragrance behind. With the goodness of various healthy ingredients and essential oils, your hair and scalp will be blessed with the best hair care. Since we know the essential oils are wonderful, you can also pick them according to their uses. Like, lavender is good for soothing your scalp, lemon is good for getting rid of dandruff, etc.   


9) Best results for best product value!

If we are switching natural products over regular ones, we better be aware of the fact that we have to spend a little more to buy organic hair products. It takes time, labour and more effort to prepare organic products than regular ones. It also goes through a lot of research and study to finally come up with an organic hair care formula that suits a particular or all hair types. It’s tough to create something that fits in all the criteria! Since they take so much of their time just to give us excellent results, we get better product value than others. There’s no denying it in there! The same goes with organic face products, we get the best from the rest.    


10) The healing ‘n’ soothing effects 

Haven’t we heard of dandruff, itchy scalp, lice, excess hair fall, etc? Pollution, dust, global warming, lack of healthy food consumption, and likewise physical or environmental conditions will let your hair down with such issues. It does require a lot to look after your hair to get rid of at least one of these issues. It’s never difficult to get off them but you are the one to make it super easy for you! Use and buy natural hair care products as they are known to be the natural remedy for the quality of your hair, scalp, roots, follicles and tips. These products not only prevent your hair from getting such issues but also heals and soothes them naturally with their existing qualities and properties.


11) Thumbs up for a balanced pH formula!

If you are wondering if it were just our face which needed a perfect and healthy pH balance, you are wrong! Just like our facial skin, our scalp is as sensitive. While it's exposed to sun, pollution, and external factors that we face on a daily basis, it needs proper care and a balanced ph formula for tackling these everyday struggles. If you are switching to organic and natural hair products, you will observe these issues decrease gradually as they have no chemicals or parabens. With a balanced pH formula, you will never experience any irritation or issues related to your scalp. 


If there’s something to put in the right way, it would be- switch to natural products right now! We have seen enough and now we know why. We have known people and understood thousands of their opinions to take a decision. There’s no denying that organic face products, organic hair products and all sorts of organic beauty products are a little pricey but they are all worth it. If you are still wondering why, it’s a big yes, you must go for natural products as it’s worth the money! Till you explore and look for the best products for your hair, do not forget to look for the ingredients in the components that you might be allergic to. For more options and remedies, visit Herbal Magic to choose from a large variety to buy organic hair products. You can also take a look at organic face products, they are 100% natural, vegan, and GMO-free with no parabens or sulphates.

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